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Teak Indoor Furniture

Indoor Teak Furniture

Indoor furniture is highly important, if not the most important feature of every home and choosing indoor furniture is therefore highly important task because a carefully chosen piece of furniture will not only serve its purpose well for many years to come but will also beautify your home. The choice of styles, designs and materials for indoor furniture is enormous but most people still prefer wood over other materials. But which type of wood to choose? The choice is, of course, completely up to you but there is one type of wood which is definitely worth to consider – teak.

Teak has become increasingly popular in furniture making in the recent years. It has been used since the ancient times due to its outstanding strength, termite- and rot-resistance, and exceptional durability. But is not teak furniture typically used outdoors? True, because teak is naturally resistant to the effects of the weather and practically does not need any protection nor treatment. However, teak furniture is an excellent choice for the indoor areas as well. First of all, it is beautiful and the second reason why teak indoor furniture is an excellent choice is convenience. After all, teak is naturally resistant to water and just about any kind of weather including London’s fickle weather which means that it works even better inside your home.

Indoor Teak Furniture

Unlike other types of wood, you will never need to stain nor treat teak indoor furniture with anything unless, of course, you want to preserve its natural golden-brown colour. Over time, teak will change its colour into silvery-grey which gives it a special aged look but as already mentioned you can preserve its original colour very easily. All you need to do is to oil it with teak oil once or twice per year and this is it. By coating your teak indoor furniture with teak oil, you will also protect it from dust and dirt which should removed with a soft cloth only. Teak cleansers are available as well but these should be used in emergency cases only such as stains that are impossible to remove because they usually contain harsh chemicals.

Teak furniture is a great choice for just about any room, especially bathroom because no other untreated wood can withstand the dramatic moisture changes in bathroom as good as teak. After all, why do you think that teak used to be the most popular material in shipbuilding?

Another great thing about teak indoor furniture is the fact that it is available in just about all styles ranging from antique look to contemporary and futuristic designs. Teak indoor furniture is beautiful, practical and extraordinary durable. In fact, it can easily outlast its owners with minimal care only.